Investigation of Maja Ratkje

Maja Ratkje is a fascinating musician and sound artist of both contemporary art and
electronic art. It is said that her work is “celebratory and inclusive, an energizing
rallying call to those who are curious enough to peek out from behind the
curtain of mainstream mediocrity.” When I listened to one of her pieces I could
not help but agree. Her music both intrigues and fascinates me. The sounds in
her work are different from the ones of many different artists mainly due to
the fact that she uses electronic sounds in her work, which is something that she
is known for. When listening to her work, I feel as if I am listening to an
expression of raw emotions, such as sadness and anger in her pieces “Breathe”
and “Winter Garden.” Through sound she expresses more than anyone I know has
ever expressed through words. Her music is full of energy and it feels as if
through her sounds, she is passing on energy. While listening to most of her
pieces I felt as if the sounds being made were literally out of this world, and
as if I was entirely somewhere else. That is exactly how I feel when I sing. I
feel like I’m somewhere else, away from people and it is my favorite feeling. I
can’t help but wonder if she feels the exact same way when “singing.”  Maja describes her work as natural, and says that the type of music she creates represents freedom to her since “it is not writing out a specific tradition,” but is instead a unique work.  In a way, I agree that her work is completely unique and her own but it also follows the pattern of many other sound artists. The pauses between her pieces and contrasts of sounds are part of a theme used by many sound artists. However, whilst listening to the work of Maja Ratke, I feel as if each sound responds to me and surfaces a different emotion.

Maja’s compositions make me question whether while composing, she just releases
whatever emotions she has at that moment through sound, or whether she writes
out her piece and then records. It feels as if it is in the moment and that’s
what I like most about her work, the fact that it does not seem planned. It
seems to me like a random outbreak of emotion on her part which becomes music
to everyone else.

Maja Ratke is an interesting artist and I would like to listen to more of her
pieces, and perhaps research what she felt when composing them. I would like to
see how much of her own emotions at the time are communicated to us through her
work or whether what she felt at the time was entirely different from what I
felt when listening to her composition. It would interest me to see how
perceptions change according to the person listening and their own opinions and
views as well as feelings.





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