Investigation on Martin Luther Kings speech, with his language removed

When I first listened to marathon Luther king’s speech with
language removed, I was surprised that someone would even think to do such a
thing. It’s both creative and imaginative, and the sounds I heard were great.
In a way it was as if a whole new meaning was given to his speech. I would
never have even played attention to the sounds in the background or any of the
sounds present, if I hadn’t listened to this version of his speech. When
listening to this, I thought about all the people who must have been present
during the speech and about what sounds they each must, personally, have been
creating in the background.  It reminded
me of a time when my friend wanted to watch the movie hairspray with me, which was
a movie that I had already watched 10 times.  I refused to watch it and told her that it wouldn’t be interesting for me anymore. She then told me to look into the background of
the movie, and instead of focusing on the story line of the movie and what was
happening, to pay attention to the random people and things going on in the
background. I finally agreed and to be honest, watching the movie like that, was
more interesting than it was all those other times. Just like paying attention
to the things going on in the background of a movie, in this case this
recording helps us pay attention to the different things going on in the
background, as well as notice things we wouldn’t have before. It also helps us
see something, from a whole different perspective.

Listening to this speech with all the language removed, made
me wonder what everyone in the background must have been doing, and more
specifically what everyone must have been thinking. I believe a big part of
this can be figured out by listening to the sounds in the background. It also
made me wonder how I would sound if I was recorded during the day and all
language was removed, and also whether or not I would still be able to
understand myself and know what I was saying at the time, by listening closely
to the sounds.

Listening to this recording made me realize that I would
love to explore the concept of having language removed from recordings, by
actually recording myself during the day and just erasing all the language
later on. It would be fascinating to see how I would sound.


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