Investigation on sound poetry

When I first listened to the codpaste episode about sound
poetry, I found it really funny. I think sound poetry is a hilarious concept
but also one that can be referred to as extremely deep, depending of course on
what types of sounds are being made.  When listening to this recording however, I
sensed more of an edge of humour than anything. I enjoyed it because it made me
laugh. I believe sound can have a very huge impact on our mood and this is
proof of that. When listening to this episode I thought of the different sounds
being used to create the effect of humour and about how they all worked so well
together. It reminded me of a time when I and my sister were younger and we
made a vow not to talk for an entire day, so instead of talking we mumbled. We didn’t
think anyone would really be able to understand us but strangely we did great
that day with communication. My mother understood almost everything we were
trying to say (The hand actions also helped).  This kind of opened my mind to sound and the different types of sounds that could be used to communicate certain words and
concepts. I believe this relates directly to sound poetry because I look at sound
poetry as a story being told without words, but instead with sound.

Listening to this episode made me wonder about what kinds of
different sounds could be used in order to make a piece sound more deep than humorous
or to even communicate any other type of emotion. It made me wonder whether
certain written poetry could be translated into sound poetry.

To explore this concept further, I would enjoy reading
poetry and experimenting with different sounds to see which ones could
communicate the poem better, and to turn a poem into sound poetry. I think that
would be really cool thing to do and would be a great experience to just learn more
about sound in general.






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