Investigation of mash-ups and sampling sound

When I listened to the playlist for the category of of mash-ups and sampling sound, I felt as if I was listening to a rock song off my I pod. I really enjoyed it.  I loved the beat and the consistent rhythm. It was amazing how the different types of sounds were used in such a nice and enjoyable pattern. I also liked the way different words were mixed up and put into different parts giving songs and other recordings, a whole different meaning from the original one. I thought about all the different sounds I was hearing and where I had heard them before as well as how they were being made. Listening to the playlist reminded me of a time in grade 10 when I was taking a communications technology course, and was assigned to mix up different songs and sounds, and to play around with them in order to createa piece of my own. It was one of my favourite projects. I loved creating
something that was so different from what I had originally started off with (The
fact that i couldn’t really mess up on it might have also been a reason for
which it was one of my favourites, but that’s irrelevant). I also had to
include distinguishable words in my final piece, just like these recordings do,
and I included all the words that really caught my attentions. I loved how my
final piece turned out. I thought of that project as more of a fun experiment
than actual school work, and I’m sure these well made recordings also began as
a fun experiment to learn more about sound.

Listening to this playlist made me wonder about whether
these recordings were made at random or with a specific intent behind them. It
would be interesting to find out about what the artists of these recordings
were meaning to do, or even thinking about while creating them. I also thought about
all the different songs I listen to and how amazing it would be to just change
up the words and see how they all turn out. I believe that the songs would flow
much differently and there would be more rough edges, just like there were in
many of the songs/recordings on the playlist, making them particularly more interesting.
I could even put the words together in a way that made the song have a
completely different message if I chose to or maybe even at random and then see
what i ended up with. In the future, I would actually like to try this with a
couple of songs and then interpret the original one and the changed one to
compare the different flows, beats and messages. In my opinion, this would make
for a great piece of writing.


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