What is poetry

When I personally think of poetry, I think of music, flow
and rhythm. I look at poetry as someone’s own thoughts and expressions put
together in a creative and thoughtful way which allows for readers to view the
poets thoughts from a completely different angle, often finding connections in
it to their own lives. However, I believe that anything which truly makes you
feel something deep inside can be considered poetry. Saying that, I believe it
can be considered justifiable for me to say that poetry is something different
to each of us.

From the discussion we had in class, I found myself wondering
whether certain things could be considered poetry. For example, the piece 1 to
100. When listening to this, I was paying more attention to how the numbers
were being said, than the numbers themselves. I do believe that this piece was
framed in a way which allows for it to be considered poetry. The way something
is said, is as important as what is being said. Listening to that piece, I
found that the way the numbers were being said, was what was giving them meaning
and framing them. The whole concept of framing was also something which I found
interesting about the in class discussion we had. When we discussed what poetry
was, we as a class came to the conclusion that not just anything can be
considered poetry. However, the hard part is where we draw the line, for the
idea of where to draw the line could be different for everyone. It is said that
beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In comparison to this saying, I believe
that the meaning of poetry or anything for that matter relies on a person’s own
interpretation of it. The way we see things, depends gravely on us
individually. I personally, could interoperate everything that we heard in
class, as poetry. What has a meaning to someone else cannot just be considered
nonsense. However like I mentioned before, the way things are said, adds a lot
to the meaning of a piece and allows for a different insight on the matter. The
discussion we had in class made me wonder a lot about other people and what
they consider poetry. I find it would be interest to hear what everyone thinks
and it interested me very much to hear whether people considered what we heard
in class as poetry or not, and their reasoning for it.

To further learn about poetry and the different meanings
different people hold for the term, I plan to research definitions of poetry
and see what I can find, and see whether or not they relate anything to my
personal opinions. I look forward to learning more about this topic in class
for our new unit on poetry and I hope to learn more.


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