Investigation on Roo Borson

Looking into Roo Borson, i realized my deep  appreciation for lyric poetry. The way Roo Borson writes her poems, make me feel as if I am there in the midst of what she is saying. The imagery her work gives off is astonishing. When reading her poem titled “Summer’s Drug,” i could picture every single phrase written, playing my head. Roo Borson, was on born January 2oth in 1952 and is a B.A. from Goddard College (1973), an M.F.A. from the University of British Columbia (1977), a Writer in Residence at the University of Western Ontario 1987-88, and at Concordia University 1993. As proof of her accomplishments, Borson was the youngest poet to be included in The new Oxford book of Canadian verse (1985) and is also a three-time CBC Literary Award winner and a three-time General’s Literary Award winner for poetry. Her book Short Journey Upriver Toward Oishida, won the Governor General’s Award, the Pat Lowther Memorial Award and the Griffin Poetry Prize! The jury who presented Borson with the governor general’s literary award in poetry, described her work as “an organic whole that resonates on profound spiritual levels, juxtaposing the mundane with notions of
transcendence,” which “invite the reader to embark upon a contemplative journey full of imaginative encounters with death, love, beauty, creativity and the mystery of the physical world.” I strongly agree with this, and especially with
the part of the Jury’s speech which speaks of Borson’s poetry being like a
journey. Her work definitely does give me that feel. I am one person who loves
to read, and Roo Borson’s poetry reminds me of one of the many books which has made me feel extremely engaged. Borson , who is known to many as an Eco Poet (a poet whose work consists of a strong ecological emphasis or message) has also been involved in several collaborative projects, notably with poet Kim
Maltman and visual artist Andy Patton, who are two of her many influences.
Timothy Findley, another celebrated author, has stated that her work “creates a
compelling atmosphere of wonder.” This is just one more description of Borson’s
work which I cannot argue with.

Borson’s work makes me wonder about her life experiences and what really inspires her work, other than just the authors she works with. Much of her work is very nature oriented and I wonder if there is a reason for this. Is she just one who enjoys her surrounding environment? Is this her inspiration? Looking into this idea would interest me. I would love to read more of Borson’s celebrated work.


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