Investigation on Surrealist poet, Dunstan Carter

Dunstan Carter, a thirty two year old surrealist poet currently living in Rusholme Manchester, has been writing poetry for 15 years. His work fulfils all the aspects of surreal poetry and is fascinating to read. Reading his poem, “Half Fallen Leaves“, had me utterly engaged. It was both descriptive and just unreal (surreal haha). It reminded me of a work in which something completely horrifying is meant to sound almost humorous. From all the poems by Carter that I read, “ Half Fallen Leaves“ would definitely have to be my favourite. Dunstan Carter has had a variety of his work published in magazines such as Obsessed With Pipework, irk, Penumbra, First Time, Never Bury Poetry, Rain Dog, Beat Surreal, Square One and The Errorist .On top of writing poetry, he also performs and records music as one half of Manchester’s Gonk-Folk duo, The Abodes. Listening to his music on a link which i found, gave me an idea of why he might write in the way in which he does. I would say that his recordings give me the same engaging feel as his poetry does. His poetry is really something he puts all his feelings into. The messages are hard to really understand but it is easy to see the emotion put behind his work and this is what i really enjoy about it.

My research on Dunstan Carter made me wonder whether he has ever tried to communicate certain messages in both his poetry and recordings. This would be a very interesting thing to look into and perhaps i will in the future. I would love to see whether his recordings connect directly to his surreal poetry. I would also like to read some more of Carter’s poems. Surreal poetry is one of my favourite types and I chose to do my investigation on Carter because while reading through surreal poetry, his poems really caught my attention. I thought he would be an interesting poet to study, and I would say that I was proven right.


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