Initiated Investigation on an idea that interests you

When searching up the words which i was given, i came across
a link that seemed interesting to me. I love art and this was the link to an online art gallery. When clicking on, i found a bunch of photos but one photo stood out to me more than the others because it related directly to the main word which i was searching. This photo/painting is called “The Cathedrel, by Frantisek Cupka I would describe this photo as many shapes filled in with different colours, mostly blues of different shades. This photo gives off an
air of mystery and culture which is what i enjoy most about it. When first looking at this photo, i felt as if i was looking directly into the night, which was my word. It gave me the same feeling as i get when walking outside and 9 or 10 o’clock. It reminded me of one of my many walks at night and i loved it. I believe that part the reason that i felt this way was because o the colours. Through this photo, and my evaluation of it, i have learnt that the colours used in any type of art work, can help create a feeling of whatever topic a person is trying to communicate through their work. This is similar to poetry. When writing a poem, the types of words used can help create an auro or feeling of whatever the poet is trying to communicate. If for example, a poet wanted their reader to picture the night sly when reading their poetry, he or she could involve words that have to do with the night and well as use imagery, (a descriptions which projects an image into someones mind) in their work. Imagists are a type of poets that do much of this.

 This photo that projects the night so well, makes me wonder whether i myself could write a poem which does the same, if i used a lot of imagery. Seeing this photo made me wonder about whether other words and feelings can be portrayed through art as well as this. I both paint and sketch, and I would like to create a painting or a sketch that resembles the night, and
see if i can get an equal feeling from both paintings. I would also like to experiment with imagery in my poetry and plan on doing this in my upcoming poetry composition assignment.


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